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February 07, 2014

10 Ways to Süpport Your Pregnant Friend

Here are 10 ways to support your pregnant friend. There are many more ways but these are the top 10 we think are simple and creative. Whatever you do, be positive and let her know that she is beautiful!  She is gonna be the best mom on earth. And you’re gonna be a friend she read more…

February 07, 2014

Introdücing Jillian Wood

nümomma is proud to introduce Jillian Wood RN, CWHCNP as a member of our Board of Positivity. At nümomma Jillian is instrumental to our educational curriculum. She has been a regular contributor to our FaceBook page and will be writing our upcoming blog posts. Keep an eye out for her. She is a wealth of knowledge read more…

February 07, 2014

Push, push, push yourself to be patient.

If 40 weeks feels like it will never come, focus on short-term milestones. Here are five simple tips to focus on having a happy, healthy and amazing birth that’s uniquely yours. You can do it. 1. Mark your calendar for 18-20 weeks, when you will likely feel your baby move for the first time. 2. read more…