February 07, 2014

10 Ways to Süpport Your Pregnant Friend


Here are 10 ways to support your pregnant friend. There are many more ways but these are the top 10 we think are simple and creative. Whatever you do, be positive and let her know that she is beautiful!  She is gonna be the best mom on earth. And you’re gonna be a friend she loves.

1.  Tell her that she will be a great mom!
2. Feed her. Make her food, leave it at the door, and use tupperware that you don’t want back.
3. Tell her she looks beautiful!
4.  Ask her how she’s sleeping.
5.  Tell her that you “can’t tell that she’s pregnant from behind.”
6.  Go to her prenatal classes if her partner can’t make it.
7.  Buy her a massage or a cute nursing tank for her baby shower gift. Something for her.
8.  Fill her with confidence. Remind her that she is “stronger than she knows.”
9.  Save your scary birth stories. There is a way to be honest but supportive and encouraging when you talk about birth. Tell her that it was “intense” and even painful- but that it was only temporary and worth every minute.
10. Help her to know the joy of birth and motherhood. It’s about women supporting women and mothers supporting mothers.