April 16, 2015


RÜMOR – nümomma is closed.
FACT-nümomma is absolutely open

We’ve been doing private and semi-private classes and will continue doing private classes because my husband has had a crazy travel schedule for the last three months and we have little help with our kids. The purpose of nümomma was NOT to be a busy business, be cut-throat competitive (hence the rumors floating around) or jam 12 couples in a class and teach the same thing over and over and over and over again.

The purpose is to continue my passion as a birth professional as I raise my four children to help expecting couples who believe they truly can have a great birth experience achieve their goals. Because you can. The mind is a powerful thing. I’ve helped prepare many couples in the last two years to have an amazing birth. And, they have. I don’t exploit their personal experiences on my website or toot my horn every time I do something on Facebook. My intentions are true and honest and I value the privacy of my clients. I also value what I do and what I provide – and do it very well. Being in business for two years with only referral clients will tell anyone the one-of-a-kind experience, education and caring we provide at nümomma. It is like no other.

Thank you to all of my couples who have experienced nümomma and trusted me to guide them toward an amazing birth. Also, all the wonderful people in my life who support and believe in me.

-Jen Wareham

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