An experience like no other.

We have one focus. You.

At nümomma, we offer a first-class experience. Starting with and only with the class. That's it. The class. No yoga or retail. There are other great places in the Twin Cities for those things. Our focus is to prepare you for the most amazing experience in your life. Our passion is driven by our purpose to get you both ready and excited for the arrival of your little love.

A class without a classroom.

We all remember an amazing experience. Why? Because it made you feel great in some way or another. Childbirth education is the most intimate class you'll ever take and it should be designed with your best interests in mind. The best instructors. The most engaging content. And a first-class experience. At numomma, we are thrilled to say we have redefined the childbirth experience and are proud to offer you something you can't find anywhere else.

A cookie-cutter approach is good for cookies.

Our approach to teaching is to inspire you through meaningful conversations, not the same cookie-cutter presentations. We have a point to use very little Powerpoint because, well, that's really boring. Our classes are designed around the idea of using the power of simplicity. Helpful, unbiased and current evidence-based content will get at the things you need to know. And, most importantly, remember when it matters most.

Less is our policy.

Simply put, more is more confusing. nümomma® is proud to keep everything as simple as possible. No books. No manuals. No folders to collect dust. Don't worry about taking notes, we'll send them to you after every class. One-page PDFs will highlight the things you need to practice and make a habit. Less is more. It's our policy for everything.