Meet Jen

My story. My passion. My purpose.

Since childhood I’ve been amazed by pregnant bellies. What is going on in there? Who will that little one become? How cool is it that a baby grows inside a belly? I always knew I would be a momma someday.

My adult life took a little detour through art school but I ultimately ended up following my passion to nursing school with the clear goal to become a registered nurse in labor and delivery. I loved my days (and nights) working on the floor of the hospital. First, I worked in Milwaukee and then in the Twin Cities. So many babies, so many mommas and so many amazing families. It was such an honor to be present at these births to help these families welcome their little ones. I saw a lot. I learned a lot.

My views of birth changed dramatically since starting my nursing career in 2001. I used to think an epidural was the only way to go. But as I learned more I found out that it may not be the best option for me and yet perfect for others. A natural birth was what was right for us.

I had worked with many mommas who had natural births sometimes by choice and sometimes not. Through my experience I knew that I needed to prepare my mind and body for this amazing experience. We took a HypnoBirthing® class and had our first two daughters using this unique technique. I had two wonderful births but I knew that HypnoBirthing was not for everyone. I wanted something more inclusive. To prepare for the arrival of my third child I dug deep and found a whole new way to birth… the nümomma method. It is amazing!

The nümomma® method uses modern values and principles to prepare your mind, body and soul mate for an amazing experience. Your husband, partner or significant other is extremely important during your pregnancy and at birth. The nümomma® method has a balanced perspective and creative ways to keep him engaged. More on that later. :)

I believe our values and beliefs align with what so many families want in a childbirth education class. It didn’t exist, until now. And, I believe with all my heart that over time nümomma can re-birth the perception of birth. Tall order? Yes. Can we do it together? Yes. This is why nümomma was conceived.

My commitment is to provide you with a holistic first-class experience. I support all types of birth plans — hospital, birth center, water or home births. Natural, epidural or any thing in between. Only you know what is right for you and your family. I am here to guide, educate and listen to you so that you’ll have a positive pregnancy and birth.

I truly care about your childbirth experience. I want you to have a birth experience that is right for you — a birth that is uniquely yours.



Jen Wareham